✯ Byebye 2012, Welcome 2013 ✯

A very happy new year to all my readers, I hope your celebration for 2013 is going well & happy! Since Monday 31st Dec is not a holiday, we decided to have a New Year pre-celebration on Sunday, 30th December.

To celebrate, we went to dine at a wonderful Korean BBQ restaurant, BULGOGI BROTHERS in Midvalley. We ordered Un Yang Style Bulgogi (a.k.a heart shape beef patties)… Aren’t they lovely?

When wrapped in fresh lettuces with onions, garlic chives (my favorite) along some BBQ & spicy sauce… the taste was splendid!

And the side dishes are tasty too (not to mention unlimited refill for kimchi & etc.)
And I’m in love with this the most… MASHED SWEET POTATO!
*fart fart* Oops!

When our bellies are full… Then, finally it’s movie time! We went to watch CZ12 by Jackie Chan *it was a hilarious movie* Off we went home & prepare for a party the next night!

How are we gonna celebrate the countdown of 2013? Zouk here we go! 
Like my party look? Hair tied up & simple black top *winks*

  Zouk Club, KL welcoming new year 2013 *I ♥ NYE*

We were early, so we decided to get our dinner at KLCC. Yes, I actually walked to KLCC in my 3.5 inches heels for dinner. In the end, what happen? KLCC closed at 9pm! So sad *sobbing* We end up at the mamak near Zouk ☹

It’s Johnnie Walker for the night baby!

Party time!!
Feast your eyes on hot girls girls girls (and some guys)!
*I am the oldest person in my gang of friends… They’re all younger than me- I feel so old*

Ooops, I missed Cedric’s head when SELCA!

Seeing there’s so many sexy girls entering the club, I can’t help but feel INSECURE… so I let my hair down~

Do you think I look better with my hair down or tied up??

TRIVIA TIME: One of them in the photo is actually a Malaysian pride! He took part in producing Pi of Life movie! Can you guess which one is he?
*I won’t tell his name in my blog for privacy purposes, you might know if you read the news*

When we had enough drinking @ Phuture, we went down to Velvet & dance, dance, dance… We took over the stage *wuhoo*
This is Mandy, she has very pretty features. She has a very model-potential face! I like to look at her smile 😛

So… what happened in the end? I dance & danced until my feet was so sore! I had sore-throat from shouting. It was all worth it, as the party rocked *wuhoo*

Happy New Year 2013!

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