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2019’s Best Horror Movies (Jan – May)

Hey horror junkies! Get ready for 2019’s Best Horror Movies (so far)!

Before I continue, I just want to say that I’m taken aback by myself because the last horror piece I wrote was last year. Yet, there are still views on this section (thanks for still dropping by!). Sorry mates, there’s no excuse and I’m disappointed with my own inconsistency. So starting this week, I’m gonna catch up with this section of the blog ?☠

Now back to the topic of this article: here are the best horror movies (so far) released in 2019! Here, I’m gonna recap the best ones released from January until the month of May (to see if you’ve missed out any). Scroll down for these horrifying gems!

THE FINAL WISH (released Jan)

Are you a fan of Final Destination? Then you might like this, as it’s co-written by Jeffrey Reddick, one of the producers for Final Destination. It’s about an average dude returning home to his mom when his dad passed away. Among his dad’s belongings, he found something ‘magical’ that makes all his wishes come true. Of course like any horror story, we know such ‘shit’ is too good to be true… and it’s for you to find out yourself if you haven’t watched this.

ESCAPE ROOM (released Jan)

So the first thing that caught my eye is KAREN PAGE – so is this where you’ve been since Hell’s Kitchen? (Daredevil fans will relate). This is a movie about 6 strangers invited to play an exclusive ‘Escape Room’ game… only to be trapped for real! However, I don’t think this concept is original, as it reminds me A LOT about 1997’s sci-fi movie THE CUBE (it’s on Netflix, if you’re curious).

St. Agatha (released Feb)

Unlike other supernatural movies that use nuns as a scare factor… this is on a whole different level that sends chills down the spine. Knowing that it’s made by Darren Lynn Bousman, the director of SAW II, III and IV… it kinda tells you where this is heading isn’t? If you’re a fan of ‘zealotness’ and gore, then this is your poison.

US (released March)

I’ve always been a fan of Jordan Peele’s comedy antics, but who knew he’s so good in horror? His first horror film GET OUT was already impressive, then comes this. Imagine facing someone that looks like your mirror image… who will try to KILL you. Now personally I think that there are some plot holes, but hey, it’s still a darn good quality horror flick as compared to many.

The Curse of La Llorona (released April)

Did you know that a family-friendly theatre was accidentally shown this movie, instead of Pikachu in a cinema? That’s some effed up shit! Also, this movie is actually based on a real legend. Read about the legend here!

Pet Sematary (released April)

Anything that has the name Stephen King, I’m sold. This macabre tale is about bringing back dead loved ones… with consequences. That’s all you have to know… now go and find out the rest for yourself 😉

BrightBurn (released May)

This is the best in this list – in terms of creativity, originality, and plot.
Producer of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (James Gunn, my man) actually created this! Imagine Superman’s original plot – but instead of a hero, he’s a psychopath. Woah… mind blown!!!

If you hadn’t watched some of these horror movies… Ask yourself this, are you really that horror junkie you claimed to be? *gasps*

I CHALLENGE YOU TO WATCH THESE BY YOURSELF (Well, I watched them with my bunnies, does it count?) ??? Anyway, I’m looking forward to the horror lineup from June onwards. Can you recommend to me any new horror movie I should watch next?

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