A Dog’s Tale ♥ True Story ♥

Dogs are man’s best friends & I have to say that no one should ever doubt dog’s loyalty!

Here, I’m going to tell a true story of a dog’s love for its owner, which happened many years ago… *sniffs*

This story happened in year 1999, on a woman named Sally. Sally is an unhappy lonely woman, in her middle 40s. Everyone knew she stays with nobody but herself.

It was on a rainy evening, she got home from work & found a hungry dog lying at the stairs of her apartment, hiding from the rain. Feeling sympathy for it, she fed it leftover food in her lunchbox she brought to work.

From that day onwards, the dog waited for her back from work everyday happily. For the first time in her life, Sally felt that she meant something to someone… or something. She named the dog Bobo.

Sally never let the dog into her apartment because her tenant wouldn’t allow pets. However, Bobo would be back at the stairs of the apartment everyday at the same time to wait for Sally back from work. This went on for 6 years.

On the sixth year, Sally found a man she loved. This man’s name was Alan. Sally was so in love, she didn’t care if Alan was jobless & constantly drinking and gambling away her money. He was so troublesome, his parents chased him away & he moved in with Sally in her modest apartment. Sally was so happy with her life, she forgot about feeding Bobo & would not mind Alan kicking Bobo (Alan hated dogs). Even though Bobo wasn’t fed & was abused by Alan, she remained loyal & waited for Sally after work everyday, regardless sunny or rain.

One night, Alan got drunk & got into a fight with Sally. Sally soon regretted & afraid her man would leave her. To make Alan happy, she asked, “I can do anything, to prove my love for you.”

Alan being mean, selfishly replied, “If you love me, bring your dog up here & kill her. I hate dogs!”

Indeed, Sally went downstairs & brought Bobo upstairs to her apartment. Imagine Bobo’s excitement, to be invited up to her owner’s home for the first time! If only Bobo knew, her life will be changed forever, in a sad way.

Once in the apartment, Alan began kicking poor Bobo against the wall while Sally watched helplessly. It was gruesome, when finally Alan got so tired of kicking Bobo, he decided to end the torture by flinging Bobo out the balcony. Miraculously, Bobo survived the fall (it was only the first floor) but Bobo’s hind leg was broken.

With a broken leg, this didn’t stop loyal Bobo to wait for Sally after work everyday, still the same place. Unable to watch Bobo being mistreated again, Sally decided to send Bobo away from her place faraway. On a Sunday, she put Bobo in her car and drove all the way for 10 miles to Bangi (her apartment was near Cheras). She pushed Bobo out of her car & that was the last Sally thought she’ll ever see of Bobo.

As if karma has its own way around with life, a year later Alan stole her money & cheated on her with a young damsel. Broken-hearted and diagnosed with cancerous tumor, Sally had nothing to live for.

It was at this point of life, a miracle happened; Sally looked out her balcony and saw a limping shadow making its way to the apartment. She ran downstairs just to see Bobo, limping her way back to where she used to wait for Sally everyday.

The fact that with a broken leg & abandoned miles away from home; Bobo had the will & strength to find its way back to Sally for 2 years. This is true love without boundaries.

Sally brought old Bobo into her apartment to stay, regardless of her tenant’s displeasure. They lived happily for years, until Sally died from her tumor. It was as if destiny had its own course, Bobo died the next day Sally was pronounced dead.

Needless to say, Bobo showed unconditional love for her owner no matter what the owner did to her. Sometimes, all we need is just what we have (just like how Sally found Bobo). However, being humans we tend to go round in circles looking for the wrong things before we realized, we have found the best since the beginning.

*Sally used to be my relative’s neighbour. My relative tried to rescue Bobo when Alan flung it out the balcony. However, Bobo refused to let anyone touch her, except for Sally. Before my relative could call the authorities to help Bobo, Sally took Bobo to Bangi. Sally is not the real name & to respect her privacy, I changed the name*

Please love your dogs; they deserve our love, as they love us unconditionally…


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