Annabelle Doll: real pictures & true story (The Conjuring)

This article may be considered disturbing by some, reader discretion is advised. This blog is written back in 2013 before the movie Annabelle is released.

Heard of The Conjuring? I’m sure most of you did & even watched the movie 😖 The Conjuring is based on a real story, and one of the scariest things is the ANNABELLE doll. Intrigued by the doll at the beginning of the movie, I did my own research! Now, I want to share the whole REAL story of the ANNABELLE doll. Ready for a late night true story? Scroll down to enjoy…

Will The Real ANNABELLE Please Stand Up?
Annabelle in the movie


This is the REAL Annabelle doll in life (hey, Patrick Wilson actually went to visit it!)

As you can see, Annabelle is actually a Raggedy Ann doll. What is Raggedy Ann doll? Well, it is a famous cartoon character which our grandparents and generations before used to love: 

Hence this is the reason why James Wan can’t use the original doll too, due to copyright infringement issues. And of course, the movie’s doll creation is scarier too! 

Around the year 197o, a mother bought a 2nd-hand doll as a birthday present for her daughter (DONNA).

DONNA brings the doll to live in an apartment with her roommate (ANGIE). DONNA sleeps with the doll on her bed. Few days, later…  The doll started to move. 

DONNA placed it on her bed every day. But sometimes when they came home, the doll will be in another bedroom. Sometimes, the doll will sit on the couch with arms folded like a human. Sometimes, the doll will be found on a chair in the dining room. DONNA tried to put the doll in the living room, but afterward, the doll will be on her bed.

A month later… (ps: I don’t know how can anyone live with a moving doll for a month, omg) the doll began to write messages with paper & pencils. Every night when they came home, the doll will leave messages writing, “HELP US.” Sometimes it writes “HELP LOU.” (Lou is Donna & Angie’s good friend).

Scariest of all, there’s NO PENCILS & PAPER in the apartment. Then one night, DONNA found the doll on her bed again. She thought it was normal & didn’t care… until she saw BLOOD on the doll. Finally scared, DONNA & ANGIE decided to ask help from a Medium (someone who can talk to ghosts).

The ANNABELLE doll told the Medium, that she’s a lonely little girl who wants to stay with DONNA & ANGIE because they are nice. ANNABELLE says she wants to be loved & accompanied by DONNA & ANGIE. Being kind-hearted, DONNA & ANGIE agreed to let ANNABELLE stay together with them.

Remember when ANNABELLE wrote the notes? One of the notes said, “HELP LOU.”

Lou is a good friend, and he also dislikes the doll very much. LOU always asked DONNA to throw the doll away, but DONNA pitied the little girl’s spirit in the doll, and she became to love the doll. So, she kept it, although LOU keeps complaining about the doll’s freakiness.

LOU began to have bad dreams. He dreamt that one night, he cannot move on his bed. Then, ANNABELLE slowly glides up his legs to his body, then STRANGLES him. LOU cannot breathe & passed out. The next day, he woke up feeling fearful.

Another scary thing happened to LOU.

One day when LOU was planning with ANGIE about a road trip, suddenly they heard loud noises from DONNA’s room. They’re afraid it’s the burglars, so LOU went to check the room. No one’s in the room… except for ANNABELLE. Suddenly, LOU felt painful scratches & burning pain on his chest! There were 7 scars.

Finally, DONNA believed LOU and seek help from Ed & Lorraine Warren (the main characters in the movie, they are real too!).

Ed and Lorraine Warren – real life

It was revealed that the doll is not a little girl; it’s a demon trying to get DONNA’s soul. It was luck that DONNA agreed to seek help from the Warrens because if this goes on for another 2-3 weeks, the demon will successfully possess DONNA and eventually everyone in the apartment will be harmed or murdered.

#Bringing ANNABELLE home, real picture#
The Warrens took the doll away from DONNA. On the way back, the doll tried to fight the Warrens.

The car brakes failed & the Warrens almost got into an accident. Surely, the Warrens sprinkled holy water on the doll & they managed to drive home safely. The Warrens also experienced weird things such as the doll moving. So, they locked it in a glass case (just like in the movie).

The doll is still locked up in the same glass case until TODAY. Will you pay a visit, if there’s a chance?

Strange things also happen when ANNABELLE is locked up. Here are 2 real cases of people who insulted the doll…

  • Father Bradford is a Catholic exorcist who went to visit the Warrens. When he saw ANNABELLE, he said, “You’re just a ragdoll Annabelle, you can’t hurt anyone!” Later, on the way home, Father Bradford’s car brakes suddenly fail. He almost died in the accident.
  • Another case is a young & defiant motorcyclist. He passed by the Warren’s Occult Museum (the place where ANNABELLE is locked up). Feeling brave, he went inside to see ANNABELLE. When he saw that’s it’s a cute doll, he doesn’t believe the stories. He asked the doll to come out & hurt him if it’s true. The young man also banged on the glass case rudely, challenging the doll. THREE hours later, the man died – his motorcycle crashed into a tree.

Hope you enjoyed it & thanks for reading.
It’s almost 2am now. I should sleep before it’s 3:07am! Goodnight 🙂


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