Funny Notes by Angry Neighbours!

Do you have annoying neighbours that make you angry? I’m sure all of us experienced such & because there will always be annoying people in our lives! How do you deal with them? Do you scold them, curse them, or kill kick them? Here’s some hilarious ways people deal with annoying neighbours!

I love it when people have the creativity to write angry/complaining notes!

MY FAVOURITE!! This neighbour must be an artist! 

Look where you’re throwing cigarette butts next time! *meows*

While this neighbour has issues with an annoying cat!

Haha, do you have neighbours who love singing loudly too?
And straight to the point…. haha!

And a lot of them seems to have problems with neighbours who love to let their dogs SHIT everywhere? I know how it feels, because one time I step out my house & STEPPED on a fresh dog poop 🙁

Typical… Noisy couples next door! Haha *embarrassed to the max*

To neighbours who STEAL things! Haha!

I understand how this person feels! My mum had a beautiful flower plant, when one day it vanishes! (After a neighbour came out her house a while). I should make her this sign-board 😛

And finally… neighbours who invest money, make signboards dedicated to annoying neighbours! *epicness*

Anyway, have you experienced similar situations? Do share & have a great laugh together! 


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