The Atmosphere: Street Art Fantasy Comes to Life! [ADV]

Nice piece of artwork? Scroll down to see more & find out where I am!

Artsphere 20/8ty @ The Atmosphere (22nd December 2013)
Last Sunday was the launch event of Artsy Affair a.k.a Artsphere 20/8ty! If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you’ll spot a pre-event post relating to this event: http://dianababe.com/artsy-affair-atmosphere-adv/ 🙂 Now, what does the term Artsphere 20/8ty means? This specific term stands for the talents of 20 street-art artists & their 80 pieces of mural artwork within the compounds of The Atmosphere (Seri Kembangan).

What is The Atmosphere?
Now, what’s the deal with The Atmosphere? Well, it is an award-winning commercial development that has won TWO awards (Asia Pacific Awards-Best Mixed-use Development Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Property Awards –Best Mixed-Use Development Asia Pacific)! It’s a joint venture between Eksons Corporation Berhad & Tempo Properties Sdn Bhd. The Atmosphere is an ideal for spot for commercial stores, showrooms, boutiques, bistros, cafes, restaurants & banks. It is also ideal for weekend kiosks & flea markets because The Atmosphere has spacious boulevards.
Now let’s continue about the event: The opening ceremony was consisted of meet & greet with the artists! Here’s some photos from the opening ceremony;

The photo above is taken by the official event photographer, so nice… but the photo below (taken by the unprofessional me) wasn’t that nice 🙁 So, I decided to make my pictures interesting in my own way. Here’s the comic I imagined when looking at my pictures 😛 

 Anyway, do you know… The Atmosphere has the highest collection of mural art in Malaysia! Such a cool place 😛 Excited to see their artworks? Here’s some photos of them (this is only some, there’s 80 murals at the place!)

Most interestingly, they have a guide to help you take nice pics! See, the footprint is to tell you where is the perfect angle to take pics!

This is the artwork pic I took by standing at the footprint! Nice angle right?

 On the event day, there are also Christmas carols, clowns, Mimes, cosplay costumes, mini bazaar & etc. Pictures mean a thousand words, so here’s pictures to show you the fun…

Mimes & Clowns!

The bazaar!

Christmas carols!

FB “Strike A Pose” photo contest

In conjunction with this event, here’s a chance for you to win prizes worth up to RM 15,000! How to win? Just join the Strike A Pose Photo Contest. This contest begins on the 22nd December 2013 with the first round of the competition themed “Most Liked Photo”. Participants who’ll upload their most creative photos on Artsphere’s FB page & receive most “Likes” will the winner! What happens if you did not win? Don’t worry because you’ll be entitled for the “Most Creative Photo” contest.
I’m using this photo to join the contest, what do you think? 😛 Alice in Wonderland Bunny!


Fore more information check out https://www.facebook.com/artsphere208tyofficial and http://theatmosphere.com.my!

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