Pork @ Bavarian Bierhaus 🐖

Food lovers… today, let me bring you to a pork place I went to:
Bavarian Bierhaus at The Curve (P.J, Malaysia). Although this place been opened for quite some time, I’ve never been here… it’s because it’s located behind TGIF and next to Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. You have to really open up your eyes to spot the blue mural of the restaurant, honestly not a good location for a restaurant business 🙁
There’s happy hour during day time, but since I’m with my parents… no beer! Plus, I’m not a fan of beer anyway, makes me bloat!

Here’s the pork knuckle platter. My first meal of the day 🍴
pork knuckle_Bavarian Bierhaus

Cutting up the pork knuckle. I love the sight of pork fat, glimmering in the light. So fattening yet inviting 🍴
pork knuckle - closeup_Bavarian BierhausThe bacon & bread is definitely one of my favorite. The bread beneath, is smeared with pork lard instead of butter (as the waiter told me). To my liking, I love the strong smell of pork lard! But for my parents, they aren’t used to it.
bavarian bierhaus - baconAnother side dish on the platter, are the seared and fried pork steaks.
Here’s the seared pork steak.
Personally, I find the meat a bit too lean. I’m more of a LARD fan. My motto: No fat, no nice.
But my brother loves lean meat, so he’s a fan.
seared pork - Bavarian BierhausHere’s the fried pork steak.
fried pork steak - Bavarian BierhausMy nephew loves it *noms noms* Looks like a hamster while eating!
baby-nephewI want to highlight the potatoes, because I really like the way they made these. In other pork places (I shall not name) the potatoes are either too smushy or hard.
Bavarian Bierhaus - potatoesNext is the roast pork platter. The side dish is all the same as pork knuckle above (bacon, potatoes, pork steaks, etc).
roast pork platter1_Bavarian BierhausCutting up the roast pork…
roast pork - close up

Well… should you try this place? Here’s my verdict:

  • It’s a good place for pork lovers… but it’s a little different from places like Pigs & Wolf, because the pork here is a little saltier (maybe to cater to beer drinkers) and have fewer choices to cater to everyone in a family, from small to old.

  • The pork knuckle here is honestly better than some places I tried in Klang Valley (hence I didn’t blog about those restaurants, at least Bavarian Bierhaus is blog worthy of my time). The price range isn’t too far-fetch either. I heard they have Groupon vouchers now. 

  • The service is good & the waiters answered all my questions politely (and patiently, haha). Don’t blame me, being a blogger I have to ask a lot so that my readers (you) know more info right? 👼

  • If you’re very hungry… perhaps you might want to get some snacks first. Because it takes 30-minutes and more. My dad fell asleep while waiting & I stole Gummy Bears from my nephew before the food was served. Look at his face, haha!dianababe-nephew

Anyhow, here’s some shot I took while waiting for food… *so-call artistic*
Bavarian BierhausBavarian Bierhaus - the curve… and #SELFIE time
diana- Bavarian Bierhaus



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