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Located at a quaint street along with many eateries at Desa Sri Hartamas, you should not miss out BEER SHACK. It’s a fun place to be with variety of food and beverage choices – from a full meal to finger food. Not convinced? Check out what me and my friends had earlier:

SPICY WINGS: Crispy with a tinge of saltiness and spiciness. Great with beer at Beer Shack!
SALTED EGG WiNGS: Needless to say, salted egg fans will find this never enough! I wish my friends ordered more than one serving, as it’s addictive!
SALTED-EGG-FRIES: If you like salted egg as much as I do, this is a must try! With chilli flakes it’s a wonderful combination of both saltiness and spiciness! Watch those calories 😛
BABY-SHRIMP-KARAAGE: This is a party in your mouth. Crunchy and fun bite-size. It finished too quickly – I suggest you order at least 2 portions because you won’t stop eating 🙂
ASSORTED YAKITORI: So many choices for you to pick you have to see the Beer Shack menu for yourself to see which fits your palate!

More choices for Beer Shack Yakitori and skewers!

GRILLED STINGRAY: Very chewy, and also salty with a mix of spiciness. Another great company with beer in my hand!
CURRY MUTTON MASALA: Not the spicy type, it’s the sweet type pf curry with flavourful herb taste. Totally love it with rice!
CURRY OXTAIL ASSAM PEDAS: Since we’re talking about curry this one is a must-try! The tender oxtail goes so well with the assam flavour!
TRUFFLED GYU DONBURI: Fans of don rice? This medium rare beef with onsen tamago, served with lotus chips in a bowl is delightful!
BEEF STEAK: Succulent beef steak served with sides – a way to pamper ourselves!
LAMB RACK: This is my fav, it’s a must order if you like lamb! It’s not tough like many restaurants I went to, it’s perfectly done!
HIYAMUGI PASTA: Served chilled, this cold pasta is a delightful fusion twist.
KURO PASTA: Sweet and tangy, this black squid ink pasta is great for folks who crave clean eating with a tasty twist!
All meals must end with dessert! This sizzling brownie with MATCHA ice-cream on top is truly a blessing 🙂

FYI, if you’re working around that area or looking for a good food around the area, there’s Beer Shack LUNCH promo!

Check out details below for more info 👇


ADD: No 12 Jalan 22A/70A , Desa Sri Hartamas (7.27 km)
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
TEL: 016-866 7511


Instagram @dianababe_lee

YouTube @ NoobieDiana

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