GIFs Of The Week #1

Who doesn’t love GIFS? Starting this week… DIANABABE.COM will be sharing best weekly GIFS that you can share with friends, frien-emies, parents (awkward?), or impress that date you always want to go 2nd base with 😚

As a start, I’m sharing wackiest party GIFS of the week- something I didn’t do for a loooong time 😢 Anyway, scroll and enjoy:

GIF 1: Always gotta put that makeup on… Who doesn’t do it in the car?
GIF 2: Otw to the party, always JAM with friends in the car to get the mood started. That is… if you got friends (imaginary ones doesn’t count).

Now, what kind of party do you like?

GIF 3: Birthday parties with a BANG? 🎈
GIF 4: Well, no one can say NO to a beach party!
GIF 5: A TWERK party? “Go to a party they said, it’ll be fun they said…”
GIF 6: Whatever the f**k party this is… sign me up PLEASE.
GIF 7: Whatever party you go… just dance til’ you DROP. Literally.
GIF 8: So what if you’re invited to the wrong party? Just have fun (there are free food and drinks anyway)!
GIF 9: At the end of the day… it’s not a good party if you’re not wasted.

Have a nice weekend & hope you’ll be wasted at a real party 🎈🍻🍾🕺👯


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