GIFs Of The Week #2 (Halloween Edition)

We’re back with another week of GIFS on DIANABABE.COM so that you can have fresh GIFS to show off to your imaginary friends. This week my team is sharing FUNNY HALLOWEEN gifs 👻🎃

[PS: Here’s week #1 if you missed out:]

GIF 1: First rule of Halloween… find someone to prank! Well if you got no one, the cat is the next best bet 🙀
GIF 2: But it might backfire though… at least the cat will get a new BFF!
GIF 3: As for some… the first rule is to dress DOWN rather than UP.
GIF 4: Sometimes when we’re wearing a costume, we have to hide the urge of killing some people we hate to see every day…
GIF 5: But sometimes if your friend’s costume is too on point… just f*ck it.
GIF 6: Putting a costume on a DRONE. Someone give this man a Noble prize!
GIF 7: The element of surprise never fails…
GIF 8: Plan to prank someone this Halloween? Well, you better know self-defence first…
GIF 9: It’s all fun and games, but what if the GHOSTS are real! 😱

I end this post with my favourite ‘Halloween‘ themed song (that might be making MJ rolling in his grave). ENJOY!

Have a nice Halloween weekend… with things that come in the night 🤡👹


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