BLANC Eyelash Salon ?

Japanese girls are so pretty right? There’s something about their alluring eyes.
For all you know, it might be as simple as getting the right lashes. Don’t underestimate the small hairline around your eyes! Which leads to the topic of my blog today… LASH EXTENSIONS! No need to wear mascara or worry about using falsies, looking good even when you’re makeup-less!
Let me introduce BLANC – the eyelash bar shipped straight from TOKYO. Did you know, Blanc has MORE THAN 140 shops worldwide? Leader in providing eyelash extensions, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to safety or quality. PS: I did the sexy one! 

Here’s a look at the outlet during my experience:
[ae-fb-embed url=’https://www.facebook.com/dianababe.lee/videos/1606519052719233/’ width=’800′ autoplay=’true’]

If you were directed by my fanpage’s video…. here are the results! Before and after seems obvious right? If you want to try with a discount, all you have to do…

Mention my name DianaBabe (dianababe.com) at Blanc’s counter &
get 10% discount (T&C apply)

Don’t miss out their happy hour package Monday to Friday, between 1pm – 6pm.

To try out the happy hour, you can always visit Blanc Eyelash Salon located at KL’s Pavilion, Level 6 (+603-2110 5859)! Also, visit their FB and website for more promotions time to time!


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