Don’t be blinded by what you see.
Put it simple, don’t judge people wrongly based on what you see on the outside.

 I’m writing this because TWO interesting things, happened to me on the same day.
First is during lunch time, when I went out to buy lunch with a female colleague of mine. Both of us are on the way back to our office, when it started raining 🙁
Our office is located just opposite Petaling Street (one of the busiest & eherm… complicated part of KL) and it’s not a place I imagine a prince in shining armour would suddenly appear to our rescue.  It started raining heavier when suddenly, me & my colleague heard someone yelling at us!
It’s a guy who runs one of the food stalls; he’s older than me (in his 30s) wearing a slightly torn shirt, had a dirty apron on, and messy hair. He’s a hawker of one of the small stalls which sells paus & desserts.
We were surprised & confused, until we heard him clearly, “You want umbrella? I give you my umbrella!
Because of that, me & my colleague didn’t get wet in the rain. It was a blessing indeed 🙂

Hours later on the very same day… something entirely different happened.
After work, I go home by train & then taxi. That day… it was raining and then the taxi queue was way loooonggggg… about 20 mins later, I was 3rd in line. Then, I saw a handsome guy (also in his 30s) walk towards the taxi stand. He’s dressed in suit, his hair is gelled slick (which is kinda hot) and he’s quite muscular (dayumm). But what he did next is totally wrong; he stood at the front of the line!
There are two people infront of my line, and he, A MALE WHO IS NOT CACAT tried to jump queue! Luckily though, those people were fast and  kinda huge, so the not-cacat-guy just stood by.
When it was my turn, he tried to open the taxi door, forcefully snatch my place!  I didn’t let him go, immediately said loudly, so that everyone could hear, “You should line up, at the back!” Then I entered the taxi and shut the door. Hahaha… it was funny, because he blushed in embarrassment & went backwards to the back of the line. Once I got on the taxi, the taxi driver laughed & said he didn’t plan to let that guy in his taxi, but it was a good thing someone actually told that guy off. But, taxi man said he was surprised that it was a girl who dared to do that, so called me ‘cili padi’. Lol, I get that nickname a lot XD

Anyhow jokes aside,  in one day alone… I met two very different type of people & both gave me a very valuable lesson.
Firstly, the first guy made me slightly ashamed, because I thought that man was flirting with us instead of helping. How shallow of me, to judge others by the way they look. I tell myself that I’m no better than anyone, if I have such shallow mind. For the whole day, I feel ashamed of myself & indebted to that kind guy. Lol, actually he looked kinda cute when he smiled 🙂
As for the second guy, he looked very respectable & dressed very nicely. BUT he’s a major douche bag with a capital D.

My view of the first guy:

My view on the second guy -_-

I am sharing this because, I would like to share the fact that we should not be blinded just by what we see on the outside.
Now I learn to live my life with opened mindset, not blinded by any ‘fake’ or pretentious ‘covers’.
How about you?

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