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Italian cuisine @ Blu Med Restaurant & Bar [ADV]

Last week, Sherlyn invited me to accompany her to a food tasting review @ Blu Med Restaurant & Bar at Midvalley. Thanks, Sherlyn babe*hugs*
How amazing, to be dining in a restaurant that’s not even opened to public yet! 

FYI: I didn’t look good in this post & my eyes are swollen because I  was crying for whole night before the food review.
Please bear with my swollen eyes & tired face, apologises!
#Pretty Sherlyn & Dianababe#

Upon entering the restaurant, we were served bottomless red wine & white wine like V.I.P.s *smiles*

This is the menu we’re being served at the dinner~
 This is the Buffalo Mozzarella & Plum Tomato “caprese”
For salad lovers like myself, I find the fresh lettuces & juicy tomato enticing! The mozzarella is very aromatic, it’s been so long since I’ve eaten such good cheese in Malaysia.
Carpaccio of Hirame  with Wild Rice & Soft Aubergine
This dish varies for different folks… some might like it, some might not. For me, I really liked the Hirame slices (very fresh & succulent) while Sherlyn preferred the rice. Overall, it’s worth a try as it’s quite a new twist to Italian food.
Spaghetti Tomato Sauce with Sea bass & Grilled Vegetables
This is my favourite of the dishes, good old pasta with fresh Sea bass and bits of juicy tomatoes with each bite *yummy*
Espresso Pannacotta
This pudding-like dessert is VERY good, I love taking in each bite with some fresh cream at the side. Totally puts all my bad mood away with this savoring dessert~ *smiles*
Well, last but not least… it’s PICTURES TIME! Girl’s favorite activity of the day *winks*
#Diana, Sherlyn Lim & Shinyee Lim#  How funny… two Lims, both also very pretty!

#Rice Hing & Dianababe# 
Isn’t she lovely? She’s one of the finalist for Miss Malaysia Universe *phweeet*
 Well, I didn’t take too many pics, as I mentioned before… my face is tired-looking & my eyes were swollen from crying. Totally not the best looking day for me *worse than having a bad hair day*

Anyhow, I might go back to the restaurant again once it’s fully renovated & open for the public, to try the other dishes they have to offer. See you at Blu Med when it’s open!
#Located near the fountain area, underneath the Midvalley & Gardens bridge#

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