A fan of horror and gore? This is what you’d like to play. CAPTURED. 

I wake up and suddenly find myself captured in a room without windows. Then, there’s a killer named Damien who is blind. He’s not the friendliest and he seems to think butchering captured victims is a cool hobby. So to escape him I need to be extremely…. quiet (something that I’m not good at all)! To escape the eeriely ‘clean’ butcher warehouse, I also need to cleverly distract him with noises by throwing items around my captured space.

Watch how I played:

So this is my first game-playing video what do you think? Bagi chance sikit, don’t judge too much k 😛

My rating: 6/10

The Good: Good theme, combining elements of SAW‘s sick games & Friday the 13th‘s slasher gore.

The Bad: A little buggy, but hey they’re improving 🙂



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