C’est La Vie with Chang Beer [ADV]

I’m sure you all heard of the famous Thai beer, CHANG BEER. But do you know, it has a new face? Here’s how it looks like now: behold the green curvy emerald beauty!

Chang Beer1

Refreshingly different, Chang Beer takes on an image twist while still preserving its classic taste. I prefer the way it is now, it’s easier for me to grab it (the old bottled seemed to be slipping away easily). It’s very easy for me to keep it in my bag too. I stowed Chang Beer in my bag and into a restaurant, candid prove ↓

Chang Beer4

Last but not least, it looks better with whatever outfit I am, with its modern and chic design (great for selfies, if you ask me. I don’t want to be holding an old-fashion bottle in my Instagram!) #Changbeer
Chang Beer5

As I said, I stowed Chang Beer into the restaurant and I didn’t regret it.
I mean, it’s not available everywhere yet, so it’s really precious to me. And I had a great dinner experience 🙂

Chang Beer2 family love - dianababeIt was truly a memorable night, but not the only night Chang Beer had made better.

Chang Beer3

Chang Beer is not only a beverage, it’s a lifestyle that cultivates friendship and family bonding… things that even money can’t buy.  In the end all that matters, is to live the moment with the ones we love ?
Let’s have a #ChangBeer, C’EST LA VIE!


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