Colgate Optic White Event Launch [ADV]

What do you do when you have dark eye-circles? Easy, just apply concealer.

What do you do when you have cracked lips? Easy, just use a lip balm.

What do you do when you have uneven skin tone? Easier, just use a foundation!

What do you do when you have dark or yellowish teeth? Ooops… liquid paper or paint?! Haha, just kidding!
This is a tough one, as there’s no concealer or makeup invented for beautifying teeth! However though, there’s hope!
With Colgate’s new launch of Optic White products, beautiful white teeth is achievable in only 1 week (very affordable too).

Hence in conjunction with this, I was invited to attend an event featuring Fazura (local celebrity) to meet her in person!
Upon reaching the venue… I was attracted by the cute cupcakes. Oh my oh my… I wanna bite into them!

While waiting for the event to kick-start, I get to know new friends!
#Cute Sarah & me#

Fazura just seated across me… her smile is indeed gorgeous! *jealous*

It is so true that, a great smile is a girl’s best accessory. They had a fashion show, to prove that a brilliant smile is indeed a fashionable accessory.
#Sparkling smiles#

Towards the ends of the fashion show, I had a chance to personally meet & greet Fazura!
And not to mention the free make0ver sponsored by Maybelline!

This is me after the makeover~ *nice nice*
However though, don’t you think I look years OLDER with makeup? 🙁

Even better, each of us media bloggers get to receive this free beauty box home!
As you can see, the main products needed to make my teeth a shade whiter (in a week) are all here, together with my favourite RED MAYBELLINE LIPSTICK!

Anyhow, girls just remember…

a smile is the greatest & most natural beauty accessory!

How to achieve the perfect smile? Try Colgate White series!



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