Collarbone Challenge – how slim are you?

Just recently,  I log in my social media accounts to notice a new trend coming up…  People posing with coins stacked on their collarbone. LOOKS SO UNCOMFORTABLE!

Collarbone Chics (source:
Collarbone Chics (source:

First (stupid me) I thought that maybe these girls have some ailments needed curing with a traditional way of healing involving coins (hey, don’t underestimate the boundaries of Asian medicine). Only later realised that,  they are joining in the Collarbone Challenge trend –  to prove how skinny they are.

So apparently,  the more coins you can fill into the gap of your collarbone, the skinnier you are *badumms* I guess it’s a more effective way than using BMI measurements or the weighing scale. Careful though, as you might evoke the borderline of body-shaming: some of the girls I meet are starting to judge other people’s attractiveness based on number of coins they can fit ? Y so serious?? 


Anyhow,  I’m glad there are still some people having fun and not taking the challenge too seriously!  My favorite has got to be the durian & Nokia dudes below  *claps*

Durian collarbone

Nokia -  collarbone
I’m surprised his collarbone can withstand the power of indestructible Nokia! Lol #9gaggerjoke

I shall join in the bandwagon with a twist too…. Minion! #silly #macamyes


Why minion, because I’m so excited with the upcoming minion movie! Ok…  Why am I so random ? 

collarbone_challenge - minion
Helo bello! ?

Anyhow,  I’m only doing this for fun.  The real message is…  We shouldn’t take such challenges seriously because in the end of the day, the collarbone is not the main deciding factor of our weight. We can have fun but please don’t let a few coins dictate our self-esteem ?

Thanks for reading… till then~ Au Revoir!
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