THE CONJURING Timeline : From The Nun To The Warrens

Written in 2018. Contains descriptions for The Conjuring (2013), The Conjuring 2 (2016), Annabelle (2014), Annabelle: Creation (2017), The Nun (2018).

There are so MANY cinematic universes out there… Marvel, DC ComicsStar Wars, and heck, even The Mummy tried to let Tom Cruise create its own ‘monsters’ universe but thank God it didn’t fly well.

James Wan and his team created a whole new genre to add to Hollywood’s range of universes… The Conjuring – a connected timeline of horror. Now if you’re one of those who wish to catch up and watch The Nun (latest film in The Conjuring universe) without getting lost, you’re in the right place!

Now referring to my timeline above (the first pic) let’s re-visit The Conjuring movies to clear your confusion!

The Nun [2018]

Although is a new movie, The Nun is set in the year 1952 – even before all the other Conjuring stories started. A priest and a novice were sent by the Vatican to investigate a young nun’s mysterious death in Romania (and obviously meet some freaking demon). As mentioned, this is the prequel and the first story in the universe – it might give insight and pre-cursors to the rest of The Conjuring movies in the future ?

Get off my chair, little critter! [2017]

Set in the year 1955, this story is about the origins of Annabelle‘s haunting (the title shows it, obviously). A mysterious couple, Sam and Esther, welcomed a nun and six orphans into their farmhouse. One of the orphans sneaks into a forbidden room and finds a doll that is ALIVE.. with the name Annabelle. Jeng jeng jeng ?


I’m sure MOST of you will know this! Based in 1970, almost 20 years after its creation, Annabelle is out to haunt the innocent again. This is actually based on a TRUE STORY. Read the full history of Annabelle with real picturesannabelle-true-story-the-conjuring


The first release that started universe! If you remember, at the beginning of the movie it was where Annabelle was first shown too! Anyway, this story is based on one of the true case files in Lorraine & Ed’s paranormal investigations.

Lorraine & Ed Warren and the stinking feet [2013]

This story is set in 1971, where Lorraine and Ed Warren came to the home of the Perron family. The Perrons found themselves experiencing demonic presence in their farmhouse. Yikes! What is it about farmhouses… all haunted -_-

The famous scene which made me afraid of clapping for the longest time. Damn you, Bathsheba witch!

The infamous VALAK b*tch [2016]

The Conjuring 2 is based on the true Enfield poltergeist case in England. The Valak nun here somehow was connected to The Nun! I’m not gonna spoil it here, you should watch and find out for yourself.

With the story set in 1977, Lorraine and Ed Warren met a single mother who tells the couple that something evil is in their home. Naturally, as supernatural ‘heroes’ Lorraine and Ed visited the house to help them… why am I not surprised ?

The Crooked Man. Reminds me of a fancy-pants version of Slenderman… right?

The Crooked Man was in The Conjuring 2 too… I heard there’s gonna be a spin-off for this character in The Conjuring’s universe in 2019!

According to James Wan, “If I could pull off an Avengers of The Conjuring universe, I would love for that to happenWe’ll see. It could be fun“. Does it mean that he might include all the demons from The Conjuring movies into an epic Infinity War kind of movie?


Hope this article clears your confusion! Also, what do you think of such a cinematic approach? Will The Conjuring universe be as fun as James said? Love to hear from you!

Goodnight & thanks for reading ?


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