How #CoolTea saved my life [ADV]

Malaysia is famous for spicy food and I admit I’m a fan of one. However, too much spicy food will cause my body to be heaty and thus pimples will pop put and sometimes I get ulcers too – which kinda prevented me from eating more spicy yummy food ?
Anyway, should I refrain from eating spicy yummy food due to this? NO!


But what can I do to stop my body from being literally ‘over-heated’?
The solution comes in blue and contains 8 different herbal extracts – liquorice root, lotus leaf, selfheal, grosvenor momordica fruit, mulberry leaf, mesona chinensis, honeysuckle and chrysanthemum flower. What is it? It’s COOL TEA!
cool-tea-dianababeTo prove that Cool Tea indeed works in cooling down our bodies from extreme spiciness, an event was held at Chilli Rush – super SPICY CHALLENGE EVENT #COOLTEAxPEDAS


We’re being briefed that each of us will be challenged to a duel of spiciness with devilish chicken wings laced with chillies from India that’s at least 10 times spicier than chili padi!


The event started off with a very spicy buffet! Thank goodness for Cool Tea drinks!


That’s only the ‘teaser’… Here’s the real deal, look at the chilli laced wings!
Let the Spicy Challenge Event begin!


All of us had to join in the challenge to eat as much spicy wings as we can. Unfortunately for me, I can’t finish even one! Thank God no one took pictures of me crying while eating – like literally!
The chicken wings have a slight charred taste to them, with EXTREME spiciness that’s burning the lips and tongue. I almost died from the extreme spiciness, if it wasn’t for Cool Tea which calmed down my tongue palate ?

Some bloggers are darn good at eating such spiciness! Here’s the winners from each group, ready for the ultimate challenge where they must finish one whole plate of chilli chicken wings in ONE minute! Here’s a snippet of the exciting moment:

Intense isn’t? Anyhow, fun aside, personally I find that Cool Tea did help to cool down the spiciness and burning on my lips as well as tongue after the spicy challenge. But does it really work in cooling down my body heat – as in preventing pimple and ulcers due to internal heatiness?

Thanks to goodie bags from the event, I was able to test Cool Tea’s effectiveness further at home.


See for yourself, below:

[fbvideo link=”” width=”400″ height=”500″ onlyvideo=”0″]

As you can see, I survived the spiciness thanks to Cool Tea! Also, I have no pimple outbreaks or ulcers the next day too ? Not only that it cools off my body, it’s also tasty and not bitter like traditional herbal tea would taste ?
It’s available at any 7-eleven stores, Shell, Econsave, Tesco, The Store, Giant, KK Mart, Mydin, Aeon and Aeon Big!
For more info, do visit Cool Tea’s official social media accounts as below:

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Instagram –

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