D’ Fong Dimsum – The Good, Okay, and Bad ones.

It’s always nice to have family time over baskets of steaming Dimsum. So here I am, enjoying family day at a place we’ve not been to, D’Fong Restaurant. We tried the buffet style dimsum, so it means, we can order as much as we want, as long as we can finish them up. Food wastage will be penalized though, RM10 per 100g.

Now let me introduce which ones you should try or not. I shall start with the good ones, the okay ones, then the bad ones. I can be pretty harsh here, so please don’t judge me for being too honest. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s bad, I’m sorry 😛

First on the good ones that I think you should try. I highlight these because I think they are pretty special.
Fried Lotus mai. It’s unique as I hadn’t try something like this before. It’s chewy and fragrant, and not oily at all. Worth to try, if you’re a fan of Lotus root plants.
Lotus Root - panfried porkI’m a sucker for Golden Sand Pau. Therefore, I’m very picky when it comes to these paus. The taste is not too salty, and not too sweet, just nice. In other places, the insides of the pau looked like decaying puss (sorry for the gross description, but those places are horrible!). D’ Fong serves good quality Golden Sand Paus and I’m happy for that 🙂
The only down part, it’s not hot enough. If the paus were served steamy hot, it will be perfect! golden sand pauWe tried roasted duck too. Although it’s NOT A PART OF THE BUFFET, but the roast duck is VERY nice ❤️‍ The skin is crispy and the texture chewy~ worth to try on ala carte basis.
roast duckroast duck upclose - d fong
Now let’s talk about the okay ones. Their usual dimsums such as Siew Mai, Pork and prawn dumplings, Fish Mai & etc… are not bad. They are not as good as the ones I had in other restaurants, but for the price of buffet, they are considerably good 👍

dimsum - D Fongdimsum-D fong restaurantwanton - friedSiu Long Pau. I won’t say that it’s very good, but I can say it’s acceptable. I’ve eaten better Siu Long Paus, so D’ Fong’s I can say that they’re worth it for the buffet binging, but not worth it to order ala carte.
There’s so little soup, I need to suck the little paus like a pacifier. Also, the meat is abit bland to my taste. Once again, it’s my own opinion. Maybe I’m just being too picky (all my family says that & sometimes it annoys them, haha).  siu long pau

Here comes the bad ones. First victim: Chee Cheong Fun.
The portion’s kinda big & since it’s eat all you can, it’s pretty worth it. However the taste is bland & kinda tasteless for me 😩 Maybe I’m used to eating salty or spicy stuff, if you’re a healthy eater perhaps you’ll like it? Nah…
chee cheong fun - d fongNext victim: Shanghai Pan-fried pau.
Honestly, my mom makes better fry paus. This Shanghai pau is a let down. It’s too mushy & soggy on the inside. Do I need to say more? Get it out of my face, please 😧 Shanghai pan fried pauMy verdict
It’s worth a try if you’re a big eater & pick the right dimsum. But since it’s buffet style, please do not expect hotel quality food. Anyhow, good service with professional waiters & waitresses who treat you like a boss *I give 5 stars for their service and manners*

The question everyone will ask: HOW MUCH?
My sister bought buffet vouchers on Groupon, so it costs RM30 for per person instead of the usual RM63. I think the deal is over though, you can check on online to be sure.

DFONG restaurant
D’ Fong Restaurant – Wisma TA, 1A, Jalan SS 20/1, Damansara Utama Petaling Jaya 47400

Thanks for reading & have a lovely day 💋


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