Tinder on Horror Game??

Title: Deceit

Platform: PC

Developer / Publisher: Automaton

Genre: FPS, Horror

Official Site:

Released: March 2017

Imagine, waking up with another 5 test subjects in a barren land each game, 6 of you need to escape. The twist is… 2 subjects are secretly INFECTED! Deceit is a 6-player FPS horror survival game with a classic ‘whodunit’ element.  In Deceit, the aim of the game depends on whether you are innocent or infected:

  • INNOCENT PLAYER: Your goal is to team up with others and quickly kill the INFECTED ones from the game and escape.
  • INFECTED PLAYER: Your goal is to kill the innocent players. Simple and sweet.

Will you survive Deceit? I know I didn’t for sure ? Also not to mention there were *ehemm* sexual cues by the online players (so not cool). Watch below for my shenanigans!

My rating: 6/10

The Good: Interesting theme, with a ‘whodunit’ element. Feels real with real-time players, since it’s all pretty unpredictable, which adds to the suspense. Graphics are kinda nice, not bad for a free game. Pretty neat scares too.

The Bad: Heavy reliance on the community (watch my experience, you’ll understand – especially when there were unwanted ‘sexual’ cues). Kinda repetitive gameplay throughout the different levels. Not much of a storyline here. If you’re looking for something deeper, this is not the thing for you.



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