Dip Dye Your Hair with only $5 ❀tutorial❀

Dip dye is the latest trend, the hottest & trendiest ladies are spotted with dip dye hair!
*Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez & Avril~ my favorite celebrities showing-off the dip dye look*
Some of my friends who did the dip dye look at salons paid prices ranging from $400 to $700 (malaysia ringgit)! What a shock, totally not for a kiamsiap girl like me *giggles*
Therefore, I went for a temporary alternative, HAIR CHALKING!

I bought this box of hair chalk for only $5 (malaysia ringgit) and it has 18 colors!

Although it won’t last long & the colors might not appear as glossy, but it’s a good alternative for pocket-savers (ehemm, me) & you can change your dip dye color anytime!

How to do it??
Watch my video tutorial below & learn how to use hair chalk!

This is my dip dye hair, using only hair chalk *I used fluorescent pink*

Just sharing *though on an unrelated note*…
after dip dye my  own hair, I went for lunch with mummy dearest at Garden’s Cafe (Midvalley)

Oh look, they had to make sure the pianist doesn’t go off before her quota time is up! Tsk tsk, talk about strict boss! Ok, I’m just joking… but am I the only who find the cage thing funny rather than romantic? Lol!

This is what I ate for lunch, yum yum… Chicken Chop in Teriyaki sauce!

Anyway, do you like my bright eyes? If you like my eye makeup, here’s my blog-tutorial on how to do this makeup:

Hope you enjoyed my blog full of randomness, time for my beauty sleep…ZZzzzZZzzzz


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