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I know this is kinda late (actually more than a month), but I’m gonna blog about new clothes I wore during CNY. It’s just because I totally love the new outfits this year ♥ *drumrolls*

This is what I wore to reunion dinner. Anyway, I received complaints from netizens that I’m dressing inappropriately to meet elderly & relatives during reunion. So now I clarify here: my reunion dinner is only with my immediate family of 5 people. Please don’t misunderstand me, k? 😛
This sheer lace Nichii outfit, is a very romantic look. (Only $5 from warehouse sale in Cheras Sentral). And the pretty necklace is only $3 from KWC! The outfit is actually quite translucent, so I purposely bought a black-lace bra to match inside! Does it match? 

The flaring end of the skirt helps me to look slimmer (helpful when eating non-stop during CNY) *noms noms*

Next, is this petite b/w tube-top from Kitschen, paired with skinny jeans. 
I totally fell in love with this punky ‘sharp’ looking necklace which I only bought it for $17 at KWC

My model-wannabe pose on Instagram @dianababe_lee
The Nichii jeans I bought from Cheras Sentral warehouse sales too, for $20… almost 80% off original price *rock it baby*

Then, comes the causal CNY outfit which I wore to my sister’s house! Weather is soooooo HOT, so I choose to wear a spaghetti strap & mini flare skirt (I bought the skirt for $9 from Padini sale)! 
All of the photos are taken with phone cam, because I forgot to bring my camera *so please bear with the pixelated quality*
 I’m loving the necklace I wore that day too. I bought it for only $7 at KWC, I love shopping there!
Haha, must selfie on Instagram with new necklace 😉

 Last but not least, is one of my fav dresses! Thanks SKY for buying me this dress 😛 Lovely CNY gift to start a new year!

 More Instagram selfies to show off my new look *vain vain, I know*
 CNY is the only time of the year where I can wear Cheongsam to anywhere I want, without being mistaken for a waitress in a Chinese restaurant! This Cheongsam, I bought it many years ago, and luckily it still fits me 😛
Candid of me & my nephew *kisses* If you noticed, I have rolls of tummy from side view! Tummies are viciously evil, they just won’t go away no matter how I chase them! 
However, I’m not gonna edit or photoshop it, because I think that it’s natural for girls to have tummy! I must love my own body no matter how 🙂

My vain selfie of the outfit on Instagram @dianababe_lee (Lol, this time I sucked in my tummy)
That’s all for my fashion update during the most auspicious time of the year, CNY a.k.a Chinese New Year 2014 ❤
Thanks for visiting my blog, do leave comments if you would like share your thoughts *hugs* Sincerely;
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