GIFs Of The Week #4 (wtf Japan TV shows)

When it comes to watching TV Shows, we imagine reality shows like Kardashians, Marie Kondo or live audience TV shows like Jimmel Kimmel or standup comedians. BUT in Japan TV shows are very different, because well… just see for yourself…

When someone CALLS instead of TEXTING me. SUMIMASEN, don’t call me!!
I would win this game… because I’ll leave skidmarks. 💩
This is unBEARable to watch!
Incoming brain damage…
The suspense is KILLING me… did they or did they not make it??
His belly button must smelled bad, the scorpion is onviously dying to get out.
Not sure if eating tidepods or this is worse… I’m impressed he’s still slurping dem’ ramen tho 🍜
Totally mind-BLOWING
They see me rollin’ they hatin’
I bet they DID see that coming.
I’m weirdly… impressed.
🤤 I don’t know what this is about… but… I wanna be in THAT class. Whip me, sensei.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is giphy.gif
Me texting Jesus: Hello…? Someone needs exorcism now! She’s also leaving skidmarks, uncool.

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