GIFs Of The Week #5 (TrashTag)

2019 is a good year, as the Internet is bringing faith back to humanity…

Instead of pointless ‘challenges’ such as eating Tide Pods, or bruising your lips in a shot glass to look like Kylie Jenner (sure she uses shot-glasses everyday instead of injections, but who am I to judge with my flat lips)… there’s finally a wholesome viral challenge spreading across the globe 👉 #TrashTag challenge, where people go to locations filled with trash to cleanup, and post before vs. after pictures!

Here’s a post dedicated to spread awareness about this challenge… with gifs related to TRASH. Enjoy!

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Dumping into the river… seriously?? Let’s hope no one does this during the challenge just for some before vs after photos!
Uh… judging from the gif above that’s how this happened. SAD.
Fish must be thinking: “F*ck hoomans…
What an ingenious way to clean waters! Do you have this in your country? Not sure about mine…
On the land, here’s a stupid mammal struggling with her trash… *facepalm*
Definitely NOT how you dispose garbage, you monster…
If only this challenge includes getting rid of trashy/toxic people (like the women above)… I’m totally for it 10000000%
Remember at the end of the day… there’s no need to look glamorous for this challenge, the aim is to CLEAN 🙂

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