PENANG: Good Food, Good Mood❥part 2

Hello mellow meow!

I’m back to blogging after a long hiatus. I’ve been preparing for exams & feels so stress! Finally, now I have a little time to blog about the 2nd part of my Penang trip in 2013 (so last year right). To read about the first part of my trip, click this link:

In this blogpost, I’ll share about places  & also tasty Asam Laksa and Curry mee 😀 
There’s two places in Penang I will blog about;
no.1 is the Gurney Paragon Mall…
Then the latter part will be no. 2 is… Kek Lok Si temple! 

 Now let me start with Gurney Paragon Mall ツ
Earlier on, I’ve blogged about the first ramen burger I ate in my life. Read about the ramen burger review in this blogpost—>

Now, what else did I do in  Gurney Paragon Mall? Lots of camwhoring 😛
Here’s an update on my OOTD:
Dress from Naked Banana e-store (
Sling bag from ELLE (birthday present from ex-colleagues at TRAXXfm)
Bracelets & necklace from Sungai Wang & KWC
White shoes from Vincci

Anyway, do you like my hair in this photo? The bun is actually fake hair (bought from Daiso) so it makes my hair look bigger when I tie it up. I was trying to look like one of those Japanese inspired girls with high updo, but this is the best I can do, isssh 😛
And forgive the pale face, didn’t bring a lot of makeup outstation!

Take a wild guess at what is this 😛

It’s basically a crispy ‘mug’ made from spiraling dough. It’s tasty & chewy *nom noms*
However, it’s not that easy to eat if you ask me. Sky tried to bite & got confused (isn’t he silly? haha).
 And in the end, I found the correct way to eat, by biting onto the strand & pull!

The next day, I went to Kek Lok Si temple 🙂
 The Guan Yin statue is mesmerizing, standing tall & so benevolent-looking *prays* I took quite some pictures of this Guan Yin, because it’s my favourite monument ❤

The interior of the ceiling and pillars are so beautifully crafted & decorated! Such marvel, so proud that Malaysia has such a beautiful Guan Yin watching over us 🙂

Then, there’s the altar for prayer & blessing purposes.

This picture below is the hanging fish pendants hung around the altar… it’s so beautiful! I even made it my cover page 😛


A little prayer & blessing for my family ❥ I also wish for a more peaceful life style with happiness… is that attainable?

There’s also a dainty man-made waterfall, where people are allowed to feed fishes. Look at them gathering around & eat! You should have seen it with your own eyes to imagine the scene!

 Then comes the best part… FOOD, glorious FOOD FOOD!
Just near the temple, there’s this really famous Asam Laksa stall.
Now behold… the beauty of Asam Laksa *blink blink*

When I eat it… this is how I look, literally…
The longan water at the stall is amazingly cooling after a hot day at the temple. To be honest though, the longan water NOT that special & ‘boleh tahan’ only, but it’s alright. All matters is the Asam Laksa’s DAMN DAMN TASTY *nom noms*

 Finally, before we depart from Penang back to KL…
we went to try Penang’s Curry mee.
It’s different from KL’s curry mee, the ones in Penang have blood cakes, some pork insides, sotong, etc. Sounds weird, but it’s good (I’m a carnivore). I won’t mind if they put a whole cow in it 😛

Anyhow, that’s it for my Penang update. No more part 3, so no worries. Back to KL, to my life!

If you’re also a fan of Penang, why don’t you recommend me places to eat? I would love to eat more delicacies from Penang! PLease comment & introduce me wonderful Penang places to go or eat if you have. Thanks lovelies *hugs*

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