I became a Pornstar?!

So sorry people, I guess I’ve let you down. I… I… became a PORNSTAR ?
Wait a minute. Phew, I just got hacked. That’s all.
Yup, you read correctly. My blog got HACKED and it’s filled with saucy and porn stuff. Shit hit the fan hard, when I received messages from family, friends, and fans on FB asking me:

“Did you sold your domain to porn site?”
“Are you selling adult toys now?”
“Do you… have a new ‘career’ babe?”

My exact reaction to the questions above:

And mind you… it started right before my birthday this is how my blog looks like for MONTHS:

PS: wouldn’t show you other porn pics/videos in my blog, they’re GROSS.






Anyway, I was so shocked & I went bananas!

Thank goodness though, that a good friend of mine helped me out in sorting the messy virus which hacked me.
Again and again, that each time my friend fixed it… a new malevolent ‘dirty’ page takes over. It’s like this hacker is either too free, or I should be honored that he/she thinks my blog is worth so much technology or effort.

After months of battling porn off my site… we won. HAHA, in your face.

And of course, I wanna thank my friend’s team for the battle. I salute you 🙂

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