Haunted by Spirits (My True Experience)

Do you believe in the afterlife & spirits? I do, because I encountered it personally. It happened earlier this year, but since this is the 7th month (ghost festival) I find it relevant to write about my encounter with spirits. The purpose of this blog-post is to share my experience, hoping my readers (you) will be careful if similar things happen.

I was picked as a main actress for a film (I’m not going to disclose the production name for privacy & infringement purposes) it’s a horror film in an abandoned mansion. The mansion is very big, and grand like a dream house I watched in movies. Sure enough, that mansion is the best place the location scouters found, also the producers & director agree that the mansion is the PERFECT place for shooting. 

Before we started shooting, there was a simple & small ceremonial session with joss sticks (it’s a ceremonial thing for most horror films, Asian film-makers will know). In the film, there were scenes of playing with an ouija board (typical group of young people in a haunted house flick). My mom & close friends warned me about playing the ouija board as well as being in an abandoned mansion. Of course, I didn’t listen because I was too excited about being a main actress. 

There were many rooms in the big  mansion including a grand looking verandah. We shoot the scene in a dark room without windows. There were boards and glasses against the walls (it’s an unfinished renovation in the room) and so we just leave the boards & glasses where they are because it’s not going to be in the camera’s view.

THEN…. while shooting, suddenly in the windowless room, wind blew. Then a flat glass behind me moved & fell. Luckily a nice girl, who is one of the assistants of the shooting crew saw it and helped me press the glass. If she’s not there, the thick glass would have fallen onto my head. I guess the wind came from somewhere else but it’s weird that a glass 1cm thick will fall off so easily due to little wind. Of course, I didn’t care about it that time.

In the mansion, surely there are many toilets. Although the toilets were dirty, but they work well. There’s this corner toilet, that don’t have a toilet bowl, only a water tap. Normally we will only go there to wash our hands or for the crew members to wash themselves.
Now, here’s what happened. Every time I used it, I always switch the tap off. But soon, I’ll hear water trickling and I had to go back & turn it off again. It happened quite a few times, until I got fed up & walked to the team of shooting crew and complained, Whoever is using it, please turn the tap off after using! Don’t waste water!
(Yes, I’m quite a strict environmentalist, lol). Strangely, they all swear that they turned the tap off & I was the only one who heard water trickling. Even the other actors thought I was a little gaga at that point. Surely, it was very nice that the director comforted me & assured me everything is okay.

Weeks of shooting passed… I began to feel some pressure & pain on my shoulders, then the pain gradually became more and more intense. It felt as though I can’t even sit straight due to the pain & slowly I developed migraine that comes with the shoulder pain. There were also times that I can’t even think properly and I feel cloudy, as if my mind is blocked. Worse of all, I became lethargic & unhappy most of the time. I ALWAYS DREAM about the house, which made me quite sleepless. And strangest of all, my beloved dog became distant and stay away from me, sometimes keep looking behind or next to me (when there is nothing there).

Going through the suffering, I find it hard to concentrate in my radio DJ work. It was so bad, I had to take day-off and I eventually quit acting in the horror film because upon entering the mansion makes me feel even more pain! I was very sad to quit the film, because it’s a good chance for me to be a main actress. I tried to bear with it & force myself to continue, but the pain is too much. Then, one of my good friend & colleague (DJ Double-D) told me about symptoms of being associated with spirits. Starting to worry, my close dear friend (Sky) decided to bring me to the temple to sort it out.

There was this local temple, with a deity who will enter a holy human body in order to provide direct help to the commoners & believers such as us. This is a famous local temple that helped many others (but I’m not going to disclose it here, because it’s not in my place to reveal God’s information).
I think it’s very accurate, because the deity knew everything even before I told him *shivers*
And the deity told me- there will always be spirits dwelling in empty building & houses if there’s no human presence for quite some time. The spirit just hitched a ride on me, I guess. For non-believers, DON’T CALL HIM A HOAX. HE NEVER ASKED ME TO PAY A SINGLE CENT, the temple actually offered help without asking for anything in return.

To help me sort it out, the deity asked me to do a series of ceremonial praying. Here’s what he gave me….

I have to put some of the things together & shower with prayers.

 Also, I need to burn one of the papers & consume it with water. Surprisingly, it tastes quite good. It’s sweet and clear & not bitter at all (although there’s bits of ashes). Honestly, it tastes like Chinese tea added with sugar. Weird right?
After doing these for 3 days… miraculously… MY PAIN IS ALL GONE. I can finally get good night sleep & I can eat well again.

There must be a reason for the spirits to choose me over everyone in the production crew, maybe because I was on my period that time, or simply because I was just the weaker one. Anyhow, Thanks to the deity, I became healthy & well again, even faster than any specialist doctors I went to! Thank God *prays*


This marks the end of my true story. I guess I have the susceptibility to such things, because when I was younger (about 8 years old) I saw a spirit looking at me & walking into a room. I followed curiously… weird things happened, but it’s a long story, so I’m not going to talk about it in this post. This blog-post is too long  & wordy already! (Some of you must be yawning in boredom, lol).
Anyhow… Never be a non-believer, because we’ll never know what lives in this world besides us. If we can’t see it, it doesn’t it they don’t exist.


PS: Do you have any similar encounters? Any real experiences you would like to share? Have a nice day & take care 🙂 



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