Hennessy Artistry 2012 @ MIECC [ADV]

I’m back now with my new post on the party of the year, Hennessy Artistry 2012.
It was an honor to get V.I.P passes to the party as a media blogger.
It was a big big night & here’s photo testimonies to prove it…

*photo credit to*

The performing K-pop band of the night… Block-B right before us *heaps of being bloggers, wuhoo*

Entering the party land…

Finally here…

I was walking when suddenly a stranger shouts for my name… I was recognized in public! *Happy tears*
It’s a blog reader of mine… Bruce! Nice meeting him 🙂

*photo credit to*

Can’t wait, finally grabs a glass of Hennessy long drink!

Sadly though, I didn’t get to play with the 360cam as the queue was damn looooooong!
The performance was grrrreat…. it started with Block B.

*photos courtesy of Hennessy Malaysia*

Then came the performing guest stars female k-pop stars too!

This is Alexandra Burke right before me!

Havana Brown performing before our eyes!
Party with my dear friends…

Party with pretty pretty chics from MHB!!

*photo credit to*

*photos credit to Jonathan Stoutlager Khee*Didn’t make it to the party this year? Well, you should slap yourself, knock your head on the wall while cry for weeks, because it was a blast!
Just kidding, there’s always next year! Check it out from time to time at
for updates on future H-Artistry events for 2013.

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