How to be a ‘hot chic’ – 如何假扮美女

This blogpost is about what it takes to be HOT… more specifically, a stereotypical Asian hot chic.
Before makeover vs. After makeover
before      vs.     after

(Below) Let’s look at these famous beauties from Korea, HK, China… what can you see?
The resemblances of these things: flawless fair skin, sharp facial features, dewy eyes, pouty lips and silky long hair. Yes, most Asian men dig these attributes too. I know it, because once I got my hair chopped off, I could sense the difference in how people (guys especially) react to me ?
_Angelababy_FanBB_HyunaSo what if you’re not born with such attributes or don’t have the silkiest hair?
Life is not over, just PRETEND or FAKE it ?
All you need is makeup (I mean TONS of them) and wig (if you need that perfect hair). Since I have short hair, I got myself a wig for fun. wig + capFor only $5 inclusive of shipping fees, what a bargain! Also, the quality is not bad – although it gets tangled a lot, so I need to trim off some ends ?  It takes some practice to put on the wig, if you can’t adjust well or didn’t style it, you’ll end up looking like a cast for JU-ON ??

Let’s get started! Watch my short video below for transformation ?

It took me less than 30mins in real time for the complete makeover ? *flips hair fabulously*
It’s fun to transform once in a while. I could have gone for more extreme makeover – using colour lenses, more makeup & bolder contouring techniques… but I don’t encourage people changing themselves 100% different from who they are. No matter how we change, we still need to keep a part of who we are. Be anything you want, but never lose confidence in the real you ?

Thanks for reading… till then~ Au Revoir!
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