Lately, I’m experiencing constipation & ‘bloating’ (also belly fat) 🙁

IMAAN SUCI WORLD [ISW] ZERO BELLY [used to be known as Fruitea Daily Detox] helps combat those issues.

Inside there are 5 aluminum packs. Inside each pack, there are FIVE tea bags = 25 servings!

They believe in the usage of naturally safe ingredients. For this tea, it uses 100% mixture of tea leaves and fruits such as Mulberry, Passion Fruit, Soursop & Candle Bush.

It helps:

💜 Detox

💜 Digestion

💜 Boosts immune system

💜 And more…

How to prep this tea? Simply add hot water into the flask and you can drink it almost immediately.

For more safety info check out:

It also comes with a FREE ‘fat burning’ lotion with each purchase!


One of the testimonials. Read more testimonials here:

Originally priced at RM60, it is for sale at RM55 now. Buy now while promo lasts: 

Is it just me, or that these days the weather is making my scalp greasy and itchy? Because of this, I have rapid hair loss too 🙁

Well, it is just time that I received this handy product from IMAAN SUCI WORLD [ISW]: BROKOLI Scalp Booster 

BROKOLI scalp booster is a serum with a vibrating massager tip:

💚 Improves blood circulation for scalp health.

💚 Prevents hair loss

💚 Encourages hair growth

💚 Fight dandruff (results visible in 2 weeks, depending on condition severity)

💚 De-stresses and helps with minor migraines

The metal tip actually vibrates and massages your scalp with a button… innovative, eh?
This is how you use the scalp booster. Easy!

Originally priced at RM159, it is for sale at RM55 now. Buy now while promo lasts: 

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