I FEEL BEAUTIFUL • Freelance Makeup Artist [ADV]

If you’re wondering who helped me achieve this beautiful look in the photo…
I gotta say, it’s no other than JANNE CHEEK.
It was months ago, we had a collaboration (Janne & George) to create a series of beautiful looks inspired by Janne’s make-up inspirations & also George’s photography passion.  Here’s the process…  This is the set of make-up she uses! Some make-up artist uses low-quality products that might hurt our skin, but Janne uses only quality products 🙂

This is me in the process of being dolled up by her expert hands *camwhore time*

While waiting for the makeover to be done…

And finally…  photo-shooting session!
Special thanks to GEORGE the photographer (
[email protected])

Nice? Note that all my make-up, hair, accessories & dress-consultation were 100% done by JANNE *claps*
Look, it’s me & her! Pretty right? 🙂

Here’s some other make-over wonders she did… *drum rolls* TADAH!!

Also, for a video-shoot last year she transformed me into a 17-year old student with her make-up skills…  I look young right? She’s skillful 😛

MOST IMPORTANT: both JANNE & GEORGE are having a promotion!

To contact the photographer for services, you may email George @ [email protected]
To contact JANNE (make-up artist) you can call/WhatsApp: +6016-6706211



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