Everyone wants to travel but as we know, travelling is not a cheap hobby! So, does it mean we’re doomed to staying indoors and never achieve that travelling dream of ours?

Or perhaps keep asking for alms in hope that airlines will give you a leeway in spending?
Well no fret… there are some solutions to fulfill your lust for travelling:

Step 1 – Set a budget

You must always set up the maximum amount you will spend for travelling, including the tickets, the accommodations and even including the items on your shopping wish-list! To find out where to get the cheapest flights to for your budgeting, start with Air Asia Flight.

Step 2 – Look for Promotions

So, you might already have a budget in mind. But it’s never ever too late to look for promotions if you haven’t BUY that holiday yet! If you happen to bump into a way CHEAPER flight, why not? Always keep your eyes open and alert for the best deals! Find Air Asia airline promotions time to time with Air Asia Flight!

Step 2 – Avoid Primetimes

One thing to avoid having your holiday is… during a holiday season! I know it’s a bit of an oxymoron, but trust me. Sometimes travelling during the primetime season of holiday goers can be a bit of a rip off. If can, sacrifice a few days of your leave and you’ll be surprised with the price difference – and also less crowd (who likes getting lost in a mob of travelers, seriously?) 😰 Get deals all year round with Air Asia airline promotions!

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Step 3 – Be Adventurous!

Be daring! Travelling is fun in packs and groups, but sometimes life is about taking chances and live freely! Whilst sticking with travel packages is safe and minimizes our brain juice in planning… there are way more hidden costs. Tour guides will bring you to places that offer more ‘premium’ goods or food that are normally more expensive as compared to hidden gems!

So be adventurous and go rouge… life is too short to play safe all the time! At the same time you get to decide when you should travel and when to book the cheapest flights at your own pace!

Step 3 – Stay Smart

What I meant by stay smart is not literally staying as a person and don’t go dumb… it’s more like physically staying in a right place! Be smart and pick hotels that are nice yet cheap! You don’t have to stay in 5-star hotels all the time to have a good holiday…. It’s the experiences that counts! Be smart and book affordable hotels and flights through Air Asia airline promotions!

Step 4 – Eat Right

FOOD is the most important factor in travelling, it’s one of the most direct ways of literally ‘tasting’ a culture! However, don’t splurge on only the expensive food! Take your time to visit sites online with valid food reviews and decide wisely which food you should eat or not. We wish to eat everything, but we’re only humans! One of the first cheap but tasty food that will get you started will be Air Asia Flight’s menu!

So I hope that these tips will help you and all the best to your wallet  And if you ever think of getting the cheapest flights, always remember to think of Air Asia Promotions yo!



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