La Llorona : Real Legend & Sightings

This article may be considered disturbing by some, reader discretion is advised.

The Curse of La Llorona movie is pretty big now & had been scaring even the biggest adults sh*tless. If you didn’t know, this movie is actually inspired by a Mexican lore that’s at least 500 years old!

La Llorona tree carving in Mexico. Pic from Wikimedia Commons.

Legend of La Llorona

Once upon a time, there was a pretty peasant girl named Maria. Like any fairy tale (centuries ago when female empowerment wasn’t a thing), she married a wealthy man. They lived ‘happily for a time’ and had beautiful children together… sounds blissful isn’t?

Now here’s where the ‘Telenovela’ takes over Disney’s ending!

After Maria gave birth, her husband began on a cheating spree! One day while walking by the river with her children, Maria caught sight of her husband riding by in his carriage with a whore another woman.

Maria was so blinded by anger… she threw her children into the river quicker than an Olympics javelin thrower. Of course, they both drowned to death.

When she got back to her senses, she’s like “Ay, mis hijos!” Nooooo…!

And she grieved and then drowned herself too. Upon death, she was denied entry to Heaven and banished to eternal purgatory on Earth. Now she wanders the Earth as La Llorona, which translates to “the weeping woman.” (Good job Heaven guards, ya’ll gonna let an angry soul walk the Earth, not your problem eh?)

La Llorona Sightings

Around the globe people claimed that they saw the spirit of “the weeping woman” for real.

One of the most concrete evidence is the security video from Mexico City (below). Captured at 2:20 am on September 18th 2016, it was shown that the woman in white was standing still on the road while cars drove directly towards her!

On an unrelated note, The Curse of La Llorona is actually the 6th movie in the Conjuring Universe! My previous article will explain the universe in detail:

For now, have a good night’s sleep and DO NOT look if you hear a woman crying 🙂

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