A Simple Merry X’mas

It was a simple X’mas eve with no party or whatsoever… just a nice dinner & JAM JAM JAM in KL!
Here’s what I had for dinner on X’mas eve @ Tony Roma’s.
Since this is a Christmas menu, there’s not much choice… so we picked Grilled Salmon rice & Mojo Chicken rice.

This is baked potato skin as starter *dayumms*

After meal around 10pm,we had some photo session *snaps snap*

We planned to go KL celebrate X’mas, since it’s not far.
However, we were stuck in the car for HOURS until after 12am… so we actually spent our X’mas 2012 in a car.
I just celebrate in the car lo~ What else can I do? Take pics to pass time 😛

Funny that we spent our X’mas in a car, right? I should call it SELCA night, not x’mas eve…. *sniffs*
So, what happened on my real X’mas day then?

This is me without makeup on X’mas day! I still have the sleepy look *yawns*

One of the best things about X’mas is… I get a surprise present I love! No- it’s not diamonds, not handbag, or smartphones.
It’s a dog I’ve always wanted, happy happy! I’m a simple girl & I don’t ask a lot…
as long as there’s heart & thought, I’m happy with what I get *thanks*

I named my lovely doggie BUTT-BUTT, because it has a soft & round buttock *giggles*

And I soooo love the cute X’mas hat!

A very merry X’mas from me, and I hope you will have an enjoyable X’mas every year *smooches*


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