Make your own Minion! (Despicable Me)

Don’t you just love cute adorable minions from Despicable Me? How I wish I can have one as a pet or bestie *smooches*

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However, Minions are not real & I will never have one! So, I attempted to make a Minion! Here’s how I did it…

THINGS YOU NEED a.k.a. “ingredients” 😀
– Thread & needle
– Cloth: yellow, black, white, blue (see, I only have limited blue left!)
-cotton & scissors (abuden, you won’t be biting the cloth off right?)
Let’s start, shall we? *DRUMROLLS*
Then, comes the next step~
Here’s stitch & sew time! Okay, ignore my ugly nail… I’ve never been to a manicure in my entire life!
Just stitch the bottom, do not stitch the top yet! You’ll need to stuff the cotton in, silly!

When you’re done… now you have the Minion’s skin in your hands! Now, flip it inside out!
Just imagine it to be someone you hate, and flip it without mercy!! Muahaha…
Now that’s done… stuff in the cotton. Let’s fatten up the Minion!

Create a crease based on the lines traced, to create a rounded Minion head!
When done, time to close up the head! Stitch stitch; I know my stitching ain’t that good *sobbing*
Now, let’s prepare for the goggles!  Just cut out a strip of cloth and paste it over the Minion’s face!
PS: I don’t have super glue, so I used eyelash glue! Surprisingly it works ^.^
Next… cut out round circles from white cloth, then sew them on!
Then… use dark marker pen to draw the iris & you’re done with the eyes @.@

Now, let’s give this Minion pants! However, since I ran out of blue cloth…
I can’t make pants, just able to make panty for the sexy Minion! LOL! Finally add hair. I cut Minion’s hair from the black cloth I had, but you can use yarn or thread for better results! This is my first attempt in trying to make a minion, and I know it looks way-off & mutated! Forgive the blue panty, because I ran out of blue cloth *giggles*

I end this blog post with the BANANA song! Whoooots~ *sing along together*
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Have you watched Despicable Me 2? Watch it & leave comments here (you like it or hate it) because I didn’t have time to watch 🙁