Tips to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Alone!

It’s only 1 more day before the new year ushers in and everyone has plans except for… you. Your friends either have a date or plans with other ‘friends’, or that you’re simply too shy to join any party. Well, who says you can’t enjoy a day of celebration on your own? Here’s how to spend during New year’s eve alone – with fabulousness ?

1) It’s a great time to be alone & rethink priorities in life. Go through that resolution list you had last year & re-think new goals for 2016! Nothing helps brainstorming more than a quality ‘me time‘!


2) Start reading that book or writing that story you always say you will, but never did. At least start something before the year ends… it will make you feel better about yourself! Having a good champagne or wine during such moment is the best companion you need 🙂


3) Dance to that goofy k-pop song you secretly adore! Play it again & again to your heart’s content because no one is going to judge you… HAVE FUN  ? ✨

4) Go gorge on that favourite cuisine or restaurant you’ve been craving for ages, but no one has the time to go with you! Best of all, you get to EAT ALL THE FOOD! Because uhh… who likes to share food?

5) Last but not least…
What’s a better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the love of your life – yourself? ? No one loves you more than yourself, go embrace your own fabulousness!

2016 will be a better year, keep your heads up & be positive!
giphy-new year

Thanks for reading & have a marvelous New Year’s Eve ?



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