Oiso ♥ Traditional Korean Cuisine & Cafe ♥

Korean cuisine had always been one of the top favorite food of mine (just as much as Japanese cuisine). Lately, a new Korean cuisine was opened at Leisure Mall Cheras. So near my house, I must go give it a try!

Warning: Photos below may cause uncontrollable urge for Korean cuisine!

#1 Japchae
Tasty and chewy fried glass noodles with vegetables *my favorite in this restaurant*

Sliced beef broiled over sizzling grill, with glass-noodles! Its aromatic sweetness is perfect when served with warm rice *drools*
#3 Kimchi noodles
Spicy and served in kimchi soup, this is the most sough-after dish in the restaurant! Totally tantalizing to the palate, if you ask me *yumms*
#4 Korean Pancake (spicy)
This pancake has bits of kimchi & slices of chilies on it… making it sourish and spicy at the same time. A must-try snack!

I always prefer tea over any sort of drinks. So I ordered organic brown tea with my meal. I have to say, I love the aromatic grain taste of the tea! Great for skin & digestion right after a flavorful meal~*
If you happen to stay near Cheras & have a thing for Korean cuisine… this is a place you must go to. Enjoy, people… you won’t regret it *smooches*
By the way, every meal (and blogpost) must end with snapshots of my style of the day, hehe. Here’s some pics I took myself some time ago, my hair looked so different!
Anyhow, I love my B/W tank top!
*Sorry for the blurry photos*

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