Short horror films that will scare you in less than 5 mins… Dare to watch?

Tis’ the time of the year to celebrate Halloween… with so many horror films released! No time to hit the cinemas, not to mention you don’t really wish to sit through a horror flick for 2 hours and then pay for drinks that you might not touch, since you’re scared witless? Just cuddle at home and YouTube online horror films for FREE 😉 At least that’s what I love to do during Halloweens every year… Here’s a list of the best online horror films I love, from bottom 10 to top 1 best.
The question is: Are you daring enough to watch them all alone, tonight?

10) Love going online to read stories? Be careful what you click on…

9) All alone on the streets… a man comes dancing to you. Pretend you can’t see him, or else…

8) This particularly striked me, because going to the toilet alone became a terrible task. Don’t watch if you wanna go to toilet peacefully!

7) I particularly liked this, because it’s a very well done CGI horror flick. It will be so damn cool if it’s turn into a virtual reality horror game!

6) Watching this makes me feel so scared looking at pictures hanging on the wall. Thanks bitch.

5) Classic. Pure creep without jump scares. Don’t watch if you can’t handle creepy music effects that will drill into your skull.

4) My reaction while watching this, I spilled my drink. Enjoy this shit.

3) There’s no ghosts in this video. But it’s enough to make you jump, wtf.

2) Make sure you watch this in the dark, with headphones. And don’t be holding any drinks 😉

1) NUMBER ONE in my list… because ever since watching this, I’m afraid to sleep at night, especially if I’m sleeping with someone I love.

Scared witless by the videos? Here’s something to calm you down… Happy Halloween from me and my family   ?


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