PENANG: Good Food, Good Mood ❥part 1

My hair in this blog-post is VERY different this was last year I went to Penang in November 2013. I only have the time to blog about it now, talk about busy busy! I seldom go anywhere far, and I just quit my dream job at a radio station that time; so this little trip is a big thing for me… also a time to set myself free & relax myself.
❥Penang food, makes me good mood❥

BUT… Before going into the food, I want to share my journey on the way.
The photo below is one of the R & R area we took a break before reaching Penang 🙂 Oh come on, see the toilet is bigger than my house’s living-room & even had a mini garden! Seriously damnnnnn…

And a little photo before I leave the R & R *vain*

Finally gonna reach PENANG… TED is coming with us too!

We’re going to eat  is the famous Ais Kacang, CENDOL & CHAR KUEY TEOW! It is located at PENANG ROAD.
This place has the best all under ONE roof = same venue. Although it is quite small & shabby, but is always crowded with hungry & satisfied customers (including me, I love this place). Not to mention that it’s actually drizzling that day, customers still want to come while risk getting wet in the rain 😀

 Yummy yummy best for my tummy! Ais Kacang here I come!
CENDOL Cendol… mari!

 This is the guy which sells the lovely looking Cendol & Ais Kacang!

Then comes the Char Kuey Teow! Mamamia 😀
Best is the Chinese sausages… so crispy, much wow *doge approves*

Talk about Char Kuey Teow, there’s another place… though not as good as the one in Penang Road, but it looks damn good in my camera! Why isn’t it as good? Because no Chinese sausages & less ‘fiery’ taste 😛

Sky is enjoying it though *nom nom*

Yumm…. now that we are done with the first part of food… let’s go back to my journey’s update too. Don’t always focus on food 😛
After the scrumptious meal, we walked around despite the drizzle and guess what… He bought me a cap! Cute PANDA *thanks SKY*

 This is the place we’re staying in, affordable & near to local stalls!

I love the interior, so traditional & has the British aura.

At night, the lounge is perfect to relax & go online 🙂

 That’s it for the 1st part of my Penang trip update. Because there’s too many photos of different food & places, I can only continue in Part 2. I shall blog the part 2 real soon… for now, “Have a happy day!”


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