REEBONZ: Where dream bags come true! [ADV]

 I’m sure as girls…. (especially the fashionistas) handbags are a really crucial part of accessorizing ourselves! A bag is like a trophy that symbolizes our style & most importantly shows off our image! Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little too much, but handbags are indeed very dear to us girls! Do you have a dream bag? OF COURSE YOU DO! 
I love GUCCI’s Boston bags, so classy & chic (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

My dream bag is obviously GUCCI… but the problem is sometimes dream bags come with big price tags *kachiiiing* No worries ladies, our dream to the ultimate bag might come true *with lesser price* thanks toREEBONZ!

What is REEBONZ?
It’s a website that sells authentic luxury bags (yes, your dream bag in in the list too) at an affordable price! Here’s a video that tells you everything about REEBONZ ♥

Why buy from REEBONZ?
Maybe you’re thinking, “Cheh…I can buy cheaper luxury bags elsewhere, why must buy from the website?”
Here’s some straightforward facts that might enlighten you why REEBONZ is a trustworthy place to shop for your dream bag!

1) Sells only 100% genuine authentic luxury bags!

2) Quick delivery for impatient ladies (me, ehemm)

3) If you’re out of cash, there’s the 0% installment payment plan (8 banks)

4) Your bag will come in a beautiful luxurious black box (sealed with gold ribbon)

5) It is one of the most reliable & large online haven for luxury bags *abuden*

Anyways, if you had an abundant of branded luxuries that you wanted to sell off (in change of cash to buy new editions) or you have an obsession over a limited edition bag that’s out of stock; you can always try Reebonz Vintage. It’s where you can buy pre-loved bags as well as sell off your used loveable bags to people who know how to love it!

As a token of appreciation for reading my blog *thanks* here’s a promotion only for you… As a reader of my blog, you will be rewarded RM78 REEBONZ credits when you sign up at http://www.reebonz.com/invite_code/DianaBabePS: You will stand a chance to be one of the lucky 10 winners to be rewarded 100 Reebonz Credits! 

To know more, do follow REEBONZ on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter:

        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reebonzmalaysia

        Instagram: http://instagram.com/reebonzmy

         Twitter: https://twitter.com/Reebonz

Before I end my blogpost…
Here’s a ‘congratulatory hug’ to getting your dream bag real soon… *winks* 

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