Top 3 SALTED EGG Desserts – Midvalley

Working at Midvalley City & Gardens Mall has its perks – convenient commute (unless you drive – parking sucks), never a bad day if you miscalculate your period (there’re like unlimited tampons in all the pharmacies), always the first to shop when sales come (bad news for my credit cards), bump into friends and pretend you’re happy for their jobless lives (actually I’m very jealous of them), and last but not least the FOOD – As a Midvalley-er  I get to recommend good food here!

Since Salted Egg menu is a growing trend, here’s my top 3 SALTED EGG desserts in Midvalley City & Gardens Mall  ? 

3) Liu Sa Bun @ Barcook Bakery
Midvalley City, LG floor

Barcook - liu sa bau
(RM3.90) Quite a sizeable Liu Sa Bun, this is a different version of what we usually eat in dimsum restaurants. The crust is soft and fluffy in the texture of Roti Boy buns, filled with salted egg lava in its belly.
barcook - salted egg
As a big fan of Liu Sa Bun, I always have a difficulty getting one. Especially in HAN ROOM (rant time) More than 10 times I tried to order, forever out of stock in Han Room! Never mind though, Barcook’s Liu Sa Bun satisfies my crave. Though it will taste better if sold warm! Plus point: it makes an affordable breakfast since they start selling as early as 8am.


2) Salted Egg Waffle @ Madame Waffle
The Gardens Mall, LG floor

Madame Waffle - salted egg
(RM15) Available for limited time only, this waffle is in my list of must-try desserts because not only that it’s served with lava salted egg yolk (in that tiny cup) but the ice cream is also salted egg flavour! Not too salty and blends perfectly with the waffle’s distinct taste. Word of caution for big eaters: SMALL PORTION.


1) Salted Egg Cheesecake @ Plan B by BIG
Midvalley City, G floor

Salted Egg Cheesecake(Oreo-crusted shell)
(RM18) This is number one in my list. Very creative rendition, this ball of cheesecake mimics the looks of a real salted egg – black powdery crust (actually OREO bits), with white insides, followed by bright yellow yolk!
Salted Egg Cheesecake -Oreo-crusted shell
I had a bit of difficulty breaking the Oreo encrusted white chocolate shell – revealed a white soft layer of cheesecake, filled with runny salted egg lava in the center! The lava was warm, melting the vanilla ice cream next to it. Once you break it, you better devour it fast!


Heading to Midvalley City or The Gardens? Time to soothe your cravings with runny, sticky, gooey, salted deliciousness! Wait, that sounded wrong… Whateffs. ENJOY!

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