SHOPBACK: Buy your dream vacation on AirAsiaGo & get cashback [ADV]


Do you love online shopping? Always wanted to shop for more, for lesser prices? Surely, there’s always discounts but wouldn’t it be better if we also can have some moolah back in the process?

*birds squawking in the background because no ones believes me*

It’s true! Not only that it’s possible to shop online for lesser prices, but you can actually get money back! Yes, even if it means shopping for vacations on AirAsiaGo!

Introducing… *drum rolls* SHOPBACK! 

_shopbackShopBack is a shopping portal which rewards you with cash back when you shop from Shopback’s merchants through the website. On top of existing discounts and voucher codes, get back a percentage of the money you spent!

Want to know more how it works? Watch the video below & you’ll get a clearer idea!


Also, as the post title mentioned, the cashback includes not only buying goods… but also travel services such as AirAsiaGo purchases. Can you imagine, money is instantly getting back into your pocket while you’re sipping on that coconut juice, relaxing at the beach?
Count me in! Click to get the best promotion on AirAsiaGo in Malaysia!



First of all, why not sign-up?
Just give it a try, since you don’t have to pay to sign up… Pftt… Nothing to lose 🙂
And you’ll get bonus RM5 upon sign-up too!
Shopback - rm5

Refer to screenshot below, it’s more than simple to do it.
Pay attention to yellow ‘hearts’ I placed for better instruction understanding!

1) Click on the Sign up button on top right of website!
_1st step_shopback_副本

2) Fill in the information the yellow heart highlights, before clicking on 
“Sign up with Email or “Sign up with Facebook”. 
Your info should follow the account you want to sign up with!
_3rd step_shopback_副本3) Finally, just update your details & you’re done! Start shopping!
_4th step_shopback


Click here to sign up today! 
What are you waiting for…shop and get money back money at the same time! 
I’m already planning my next vacation on AirAsiaGo as we speak 😉 

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