Skater Girl & the Prince 💀

Here’s a fashion story… of a Skater girl who met a Prince.

 Once upon a time, there was the Skater girl.
She’s independent and tough. She lives her fearless life without rules, but her own. (3)
Until one day… she met a decent guy. Not just any decent guy, he’s the PRINCE 💎
But a real opposite from her 👓 He’s classy, well-mannered, and serious.
The Prince won’t fall in love with a tough cookie like herself, so she changed.
She forced herself to be a girl whom everyone loves: soft-spoken, reserved, and most importantly agreeable with whatever Prince says. (5)Soon, she felt unhappy & confused… and realized, what’s more important than loving herself?
She looked into the mirror, tore the ribbons off her hair and smeared her makeup.
She picked up her skateboard and left the castle, leaving behind a life many girls dreamed of 💔 (4)The Prince asked her,”Are you crazy? You’ll never meet another prince like me in your life!”
But there’s only one me in my life.” She smiled & skated away… living her life to the fullest 💫

Diana Lwz (


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