Sun and Seaside 🌞

Went for a trip to Port Dickson. It was unplanned, impromptu, and certainly wonderful 🌈
Didn’t feel so free-spirited for so long… thanks (you know who you are) 😎 Stayed at THISTLE hotel, here’s the main entrance leading to the lobby. Pardon my blurry photo, because I was so darn hungry that time *shaky hands*
THISTLE hotel - PDHere’s the room…
THISTLE hotel room - PDWhat’s the 1st thing I do after checking-in? My best activity… lounging around & watching cartoons 😂
dianababe - cartoons - legsFinally got my lazy bum ready for some dip in the pool. And #selfie with the balcony view!
dianababe - selfie - PDEnjoying the sun 👙
port dickson - dianababeFinally dipping into the pool… such a funny pic! Haha 😝
dianababe - btsEnjoying the view of the BEAUTIFUL sunset ⛅️
dianababe - pool - seasideWoah… ⛅️
sunset - seaside - PDFinally it’s getting dark, gotta go back to eat dinner. It’s kinda late, so just settle for the Chinoise restaurant in the hotel. I gotta say, it’s really good 🍜 🍛
Salted fish fried rice
fried rice - chinoiseLemon Chicken 🐥
Lemon chicken - chinoiseMy favorite… seafood soup 🐙 🐟
seaweed soup - chinoiseCloseup of seafood soup 🍤
closeup soupAfter the scrumptious dinner, went for a walk around the hotel. Chillax baby~
Night view of the hotel 🌌
THISTLE - PD - nightthistle hotel - nightResting in the dark 👣
Thistle hotel PD - legsdianababe - night - thistle

Thank goodness for the relaxing 1 day 1 night trip, it soothes my mind. 
Always remember to enjoy life & spend time with people who cares about you 💐 

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