Sweet & Sour Sauce ッ

Aloha babes… here’s what I wanna do for fun, a cooking tutorial! Actually, this is also the first time I’m doing REAL cooking, so I just wanna document it, so my future grand-children can laugh at my first cooking ordeal 😛
Anyway, are you a fan of Sweet & Sour sauce? I am. I find this sauce really versatile, as it can be served with any dish at all, ranging from fish, pork, chicken, to rice & etc. Normally people will have the conception that any Chinese dish is complicated & time-consuming. However, if a busy girl like me can have time to cook for myself, why not you?

Here’s a video I made, which will show you how to make your own Sweet & Sour sauce in more or less 5 minutes only (please don’t compare it to professional level, duh!)

Here’s the recipe in recap: 
One handful of chopped onions
30ml Ketchup
40ml Chili Sauce
40ml White Vinegar
50gm Sugar
7gm Salt
One or half cup of water (depends on how thick you want your sauce)

 The end result *yums*

Anyhow, thanks for visiting my blog & do leave comments for the video if you wish (please be gentle with me). Till then, happy cooking!
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