The Lilac Box: Best Valentine’s Surprise [ADV]

Valentine’s day is around the corner but was overshadowed by the hype & excitement of CNY (and most probably people will forget about Valentine’s) however, I’m so happy that Lilac didn’t forget about Valentine’s, and even took the effort to send me a lovely package in time for Valentine’s Day *so much love*
Then I opened it….
Look at all the beautiful goodies… I’m so gonna pamper myself with this beauty goodies *excited*
As you can see, The Lilac Box sends premium beauty goods (ones you won’t find in Watson). See for yourself!
#Burberry liquid base#
#Decleor cleansing milk & toner#
#Max Factor LIMITED EDITION nail varnish#
#Roberto Cavalli body lotion#
#Kerastase haircare products#
And just when I thought there’s no more surprises, I spotted something underneath the purple wrapper… *SURPRISE*
Beauty vouchers! I love being a girl *winks*

This is a really good way to show your love, by sending her a surprise full of branded goodies! It’s not only about Valentine’s, you can actually send monthly surprises to cheer up the person you love (wife, gf, mom or even grandmother). With only RM35 per box, the reward of seeing the person you love smile… is priceless!

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