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Let’s be frank, it’s never easy being a woman. As women, we are biologically inclined to suffer once we hit puberty –> monthly bleeding and PMS syndromes are the least things men wish to experience in their lifetime. No matter, we as ladies must learn to love ourselves & appreciate our own body. How to appreciate & love yourself? BE BODY HEALTHY.

In conjunction with the topic above, I learned how to love my body on International Women’s Day itself at Vibrance event!
Thanks NUFFNANG for the invitation
The event was held at mYoga gym for a healthy reason; we’re learning morning YOGA!

Since it’s gonna be a workout event, I’m gonna go casual for the day. It’s the first time in my life to be attending a blogger event with such casual t-shirt & minimal makeup 😛 But no matter how, I still must do selfies (I know, I’m so vain).
*At the mYoga lounge before workout*
*In studio, waiting for yoga session to begin*

We learned the Moon Salutation & many other stances, which helps to strengthen bones & muscles.

When the invigorating yoga session is over, comes the learning session about a lady’s most intimate health; taking care of a body part I never thought needed any attention at all –> the Vajayjay (it’s the lady’s most private body part, below the belt, understand?)

I learned that it’s important for ladies to do kegel exercises to maintain health of our vajayjay. BUT what is kegel? Why kegel?
The diagram below shall tell you the answers! (image source:

Now that you know what is kegel & the importance of kegel, let me introduce VIBRANCE KEGEL DEVICE (VKD) by Bioinfinity.

What is VKD? It’s a device designed to help us ladies work pelvic muscles at the vajayjay region.
Below are the SEVEN benefits of KVD:

As you can see in the close-up photo below, it’s made of soft silicone rubber. Therefore, it won’t hurt when inserted into our vajayjay! VKD will produce vibrations & beeping sounds that help us control our kegel moves.
Hmm kay, I know it reminds you of a dildo but puhleeeez… It’s not for those ‘sex’ purposes! This is purely for the health of women’s most sensitive part, the Vajayjay highness 🙂

Then famous blogger, Audrey from came as a special guest & gave a talk about challenges as a woman as well as the benefits VKD brought to her life. Indeed she made me realize, as women we should pamper ourselves thoroughly & focus on improving whole body’s health; including the vajayjay.
Finally learned so much about bodily health, it’s time to go home with a renewed sense of health & motivation. Here’s a goodie bag from the event organizers! I love my life as a blogger 😛
And guess what? Not only that… Among all the bloggers who attended, I’m one of the lucky 2 who won ONE-MONTH membership to mYoga gym *hip hip hurray*

Want to know more about VIBRANCE KEGEL DEVICE a.k.a VKD?
Check out their website @ OR fanpage @

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