Wonderland Party @ KL Live [ADV]

Was invited to the Wonderland Party.  It was bashing 🎉🍸🍺 To make it better, hot HK celebs were performing at the party!

poster - fantasy tour - wonderland - KL

Thanks to dear Mr. J, who helped me take shots for the night. Gosh, I put on so much weight 🙁
#bigarms #portrudingbelly 

diana-wonderland party

One of the reasons that I like this party was that, it’s very exclusive and not too overly crowded. It’s partying with comfort, yet there’s still the right amount of crowd and personalities to mingle with.
The drinks are awesome, there’s Asahi, Hennesy, Moet and more selections🍸

The only regret is that I’m not feeling too well, thus can’t drink a lot. Also, if only I could take better pictures at a closer proximity with the stars of the night *sniffs*
wonderland party

wonderland party -1

And what is a party without selfies? 💋‍


wonderland - party - girls

dianababe & josarine

Feeling a little left out? Don’t pout! To let you have a feel, here’s a tune from the performing artist 24 Herbs:

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