True Story of an Insurance Mogul [ADV]

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Throughout history, there’s endless stories of people who achieved success regardless of age, status, or adversity. People who showed such strength are inspirational legends such as…

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Moguls like Colonel Sanders and Jack Ma had been worldwide inspirational legends to everyone who wish to succeed. However, why don’t we look at real life example that’s more relatable and closer to us as Malaysians?

Hence, let me tell you the story of how a poverty stricken girl grew up to be one of Malaysia’s most influential insurance mogul; Madam Lee Lean. 

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Impoverished childhood

At a tender age of only 3 months old, Madam Lee Lean’s father passed away, leaving her mother and
siblings bereft. Things took a turn for the worse after that, as poverty and unfortunate experiences
governed their early life. Her struggling mother soon remarried, but unfortunately her stepfather
was an alcoholic who too passed away later. Life was harder than ever, as Madam Lee Lean worked
hard to sustain her family, but only earning a meager RM278 monthly.

New Career, New Life

Fortunately, her life changed when she’s introduced to the concept of insurance.
aking the opportunity, she ventured into the insurance field to change her life.
But as what? She became a life planner with AIA! It was during those initial years that AIA provided
her with the training and essential knowledge of
becoming an insurance agent.
Madam Lee Lean also decided to go the extra mile and continued her further studies; the AIA
training program truly gave her the freedom in carving her own success. With her new
knowledge, hard work and perseverance,
she succeeded even more and was even awarded
2nd-runner up nationwide for achieving the most number of
individual cases, only after her
2nd year of being a life planner.

Success is sweet for Lee Lean.
Success is sweet for Lee Lean.

Successful & Fulfilled Life

Madam Lee Lean has indeed come a long way since her poverty stricken days. She indulges in the life she has built for herself, traveling regularly to see the world, and enjoying
the company of her family. One thing in particular that she is proud of as a mother, is being able to
send both of her children to the USA for further studies on account of her own success.

Travelling the world was only possible after Lee Lean changed her life.
Travelling the world was only possible after Lee Lean changed her life.


As ambitious as she is, Madam Lee Lean started her own insurance agency called APPS Sdn Bhd
(Attitude, Personality, Perseverance and Skills) taken after what she believes is needed to be a
successful life planner and entrepreneur. The APPS program educates its trainees on the true
essence of financial planning through life insurance.


Words of Advice

Her advice for those wanting to get a head start in the insurance field or for those looking to kick
start their own business is that, as we get older our energy for doing work and labor will decrease
and it is then, that our source of income will cease. To overcome this inevitable process, she advises
people to build a self-sustaining career in which you can pass on to a successor to generate
future incomes.
For that, she personally believes that insurance is a good business model when paired with
hard work, sincerity, and integrity.

Want change? Start Today!

Do you want to take charge and change your life?
You may take your first step forward by attending her many motivational talks that she hosts
Allow her to facilitate your growth & explore the endless possibilities the 
industry has to offer.
Grab the chance to meet her at the upcoming Career Builder Fair 2015
@ KLCC on 22 & 23 August (11AM – 6PM), booth C05.

Meet Madam Lee Lean face to face and be inspired!
Meet Madam Lee Lean face to face and be inspired!


For more info;

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apps.aia 
Email: [email protected] 
Contact: 0379888043

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